“I would like to thank you for your concern, and the use of your product for making what we thought was a near impossibility, a reality. The use of your product transformed an oil-saturated cement pit into an operational oil/water separator holding pit. Due to the use of your coating on the walls and floor, we were able to save considerable expense by continuing to use the present pit instead of constructing a new one.”

—Environmental Manager
Escanaba & Lake Superior Railroad
Wells, MI

“The Comfort Suites hotel in Appleton, Wisconsin, has a 10,000 foot Comfort Dome over a 50,000 gallon indoor pool and a 3,000 gallon whirlpool tub, creating a harsh environment. The humidity and chemicals in the air had damaged the drywall and paint ceiling. Instead of replacing the drywall, we applied your products and saved the hotel thousands of dollars in repair costs. The solution has held up wonderfully, and there are no signs of damage or deterioration.”

—General Manager
Comfort Suites

“Because Belize sits on the Caribbean Sea, rust is a major issue, as airborne salt and saltwater is in the air, and brackish water is on the ground. Even in this environment, I have had great success applying ABRI Industries’ IronBond 111 on metal surfaces. I recently used IronBond 111 to coat a number of containers and storage tanks near the sea. The project was a success, the procedure was cost-effective and easy to install and clean up – which was critical, given the lack of resources available in my area.”

—Director of Operations
Duke Marine
Belize City, Belize

“We have performed several successful ABRI product tests throughout the airport – on a number of substrates and a number of combinations. They have worked very well, and I believe that using your products will help reduce our overall maintenance costs and provide significant savings to taxpayers. I look forward to working closely with ABRI Industries in the future on the Tom Bradley International Terminal and Encounter Restaurant.”

Maintenance Services Division
Los Angeles World Airports

“I personally used ABRI’s AUS product on my boat’s teak decks in order to better understand how the product worked. While I was surprised that it was easy to apply and had no odor at all – I was even more surprised that my boat did not leak anymore. The boat’s surface really beaded up during that weekend’s rain. We look forward to including ABRI Industries AUS and Master products in projects around the marina, as well as finding new ways to utilize these products.”

—Facility Engineer
Ventura Harbor Marina
Ventura, CA

“Due primarily to our proximity to the Pacific Ocean, our 80-unit facility had seen a more rapid degradation of rooftop stairs than had been anticipated, and they had become unsafe. The condo association did not want this situation to reoccur, requiring another series of repairs soon. ABRI’s advanced material coatings saved the association time and capital – and have performed very well. I look forward to using ABRI products on two additional jobs this summer!”

—Association Supervisor
Park Plaza
Santa Monica, CA

“LA Studios has a unique challenge – a large terrazzo had leaked even with multiple previous ‘fixes,’ and the leaks fed into a major power utility room. ABRI products solved a problem that had been high on our list for quite a long time, and I immediately used them to address another three challenges. I have been very impressed with the range of problems that ABRI products can solve, and already have my next few projects ready for them.”

—Facilities Engineer
Able Engineering
Los Angeles, CA