Why Use ABRI Solutions?

Maintaining commercial and industrial assets is never a one-time-only event or an inexpensive proposition.

ABRI Industries makes this time-consuming, costly process, easy and economically viable.

Our solutions protect steel, concrete, wood and stucco substrates, and require little more pre-application preparation than mixing powder with water. ABRI’s environmentally safe solutions are applied through all conventional processes, including brushing, troweling or spraying directly on the surface of the asset.
ABRI advanced material coatings protect and extend the life of industrial and commercial infrastructure and transform the way you think about maintenance from a challenge – to done.

Here are just some of the reasons we’re the choice of asset owners.


  • Durability: Many of our coatings last up to 10 years, 2-3 times longer than leading epoxy and paint products
  • Saves money: Less labor time and maintenance, saves valuable capital, increases ROI
  • Environmentally friendly: Very low-VOCs; waterborne coating can be applied in enclosed spaces
  • Safe to apply: No special tools, and only a minimal amount of training is required prior to application

Find out how ABRI Advanced Material Coatings can help you: